What can a sexologist do for you?...

A sexologist can help you find solutions for sexual problems.

The treatment consists of four phases:

The first phase is the introduction phase

This is when you get to know the sexologist and discuss your problems with her, as well as any goals you would like to achieve. We will identify the causes of the problem and make a diagnosis. The first phase usually consists of 1 or 2 sessions, and you can come alone or with your partner.

The advice and consultation phase

First, we will discuss the diagnosis and the phrasing of the problem with you. Next, we will discuss the treatment plan and the duration of the treatment. You will be requested to agree with it.

Execution of the action plan

Depending on the issues, the Hilversum Medical Sexology Practice offers the following treatments (for individuals or couples):

  1. Information and consultation;
  2. Short treatment: 2 to 5 sessions;
  3. Long treatment: about 8 sessions. The treatment can be extended, depending on the intensity of the symptom(s);
  4. Cognitive behavioural therapy;
  5. Sensation focus therapy;
  6. Partner sexual relation therapy;
  7. Remedial therapy

The treatment is followed by the ‘evaluation phase'

Together with you, the sexologist will assess whether the goals have been achieved by means of a evaluation questionnaire.